Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Midsummer-Day's Dream

We are approaching (or have passed for some) the halfway point of the summer. This means that we are recovered from finals, have worked on our caffeine addictions, and I know in my case absolutely and completely ready to go back to school. While the thought of all-nighters in the library does not sound appealing, the thought of being reunited with my best friends, moving into my apartment, and the back to school wardrobe and school supplies sends me into a near giddy state.

There are some other things I am anxiously awaiting as well…. And the one that I have been guilty of daydreaming all together too much about is football! And this is why…

1. The Look
Would happily wear either of these Lilly's to a game! 

And the boys never disappoint in the Vineyard Vine school ties and jackets!

2. The Team Spirit
Nothing like a common enemy to pull everyone together!

3. The Tailgate Truck

I am a sucker for a nice boy, and a nice boy with a nice truck doesn't hurt.

4. The New Profile Picture

Lets face it... we love any excuse to fit a whole group of ridiculously good looking people into one picture and post it for everyone on facebook to see!

5. The Weather

I love love love fall in the south!

Why would you not want to be outside to enjoy this?

Anyone else looking forward to tailgating? What are your favorite parts?

xoxo, M

1 comment:

  1. cannot agree more about being ready to go back to school...i was ready a week after i got home! haha

    sports are nothing at my school but the city in the fall is a lovely place