Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Orientation, physical and mental!

Hello All! Just got back from our first orientation meetings, somehow I have earned the duty of group navigator. Its a good thing that I have a good sense of direction to go along with my bossy attitude.

Yesterday, we walked around Oxford Street and went window shopping. Then I took myself out for a lovely afternoon tea. I wrote my Mom and Dad a letter, but before you get too impressed lets see how long it takes me to get it in the mail. I also am completely up to date on my journal, which is a bit of a feat for me! Then it was just a quiet dinner at the pub in the dorm before ATTEMPTING to sleep. I say attempting due to the dance party in the room next door, the fact that I'm sleeping on a box spring, and that some guy burst into our "locked" room... strange.

Here are a couple pictures of my tea before I head off to my internship orientation (eek).

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