Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I've waited so Long, Longchamp!

I have a confession.

I just got my first Longchamp this Christmas! I have wanted one forever but have been unable to commit to a color... story of my life.

I finally settled on the new navy and found one under the tree!

I love that I can carry everything I need when in comes to planners, books, laptop, nook but makes me look a little bit more grown up.

It is also a major perk that it is no worse for the wear after its "baptism" in Coke Zero the first time I took it out :/.


  1. cannot believe you just got a longchamp...you will love!

  2. Haha, all of my friends in the world own atleast two .. I got a Nordstrom gift card & decided after about 30 seconds to get a navy Longchamp :) they're amazing!

  3. I'm in love.... which size did you get?