Monday, January 2, 2012

My Interest: Pinterest

Who else is obsessed?

I would not have survived finals without this perfect study break!

After hours of reading, twitter and facebook just make my eyes blurry. The pictures and layout became my own personal safe-haven.

Christmas break has been the perfect time to try out some of the fun things I've seen!

I seriously would never have thought to turn gingerbread men upside down to make reindeer! These were a result of a fun afternoon babysitting!

What boards do you have? Have you tried any ideas you have seen?

Please find me, and I will follow back!

xoxo, M


  1. pinterest is great and can be so time consuming. My favorite board is my "preppy" board of course :)

  2. I love pinterest. My favorite board is for my boyfriend, so I can stop being "that" girlfriend on facebook and just post all the fun nerdy things we both like to pinterest instead.

  3. I have a preppy board do... I like to drool over it in my spare time! That is such a great idea to make one for the boyfriend... I should make one for my friends since I am totally "that" friend who posts a lot of links!