Saturday, May 14, 2011

Classy Comfort


After staying up numerous nights in a row... the last thing I want is to put a ton of effort into how I look. I would be perfectly happy wearing norts and an oversize t. I have learned however that it is possible to look cute, while being super comfortable. And while norts and t's can be cute in the right situation... I'm not sure that situation is the airport! After multiple delays and missed connections, I am still comfortable in my choice, so I thought I would share my choice!

This dress is so soft and comfy!

This cardigan is perfect for chilly planes, but it still has a cheerful summer appearance!

I finished it off with my rainbows... I would have rather worn Jack Rogers but we can't have it all ;).

I think its about time to venture around the Charlotte Airport looking for dinner! Here's to getting to my destination, better late than never?

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