Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Southern Boys > Western Boys.

Spring time brings so many exciting adventures.... especially when the weather is beautiful. However for us college kids it also brings the high paced end to the academic year. I know I spent some time sitting on my bed today, my belonging strewn around the room among partially packed boxes and wondered where in the world my second year of college had gone! I will save the end-of-year-sappy-reflection-post for a night when I have some time to be nostaligic. Tonight however, this is a study break and I want to relive all my cheerful foxfields memories!

I was warned beforehand that it was in essence a drunken mess, and if I saw a horse I would not be having the true foxfields experience. As a horse lover, the thought of buying a ticket to a horse race without the intention seems like blasphemy. Lucky for me however, our plot was right on the railing and I watched every single race, was sober, and even did some basic educating about horses in between to the boys in bowties that surrounded me that had never touched a horse!

I started to get very excited when we pulled up to a huge line of cars waiting to get into the infield at 9:30 in the morning, when the races don't even start until 1:30. The cars were full of preppy college aged kids, and most of them had classic UVA stickers on their rear windows.

 Vineyard Vines was there giving koozies...

Jack Wills was there with adorable sunglasses and cups full of goodies....

I have found that I have a major weakness for a properly preppy boy gentleman. Boys all over the country need to realize that by making some minor wardrobe changes they will immediately have more appeal. As one of my close friends put it "you can dress up anything preppy enough to take in public," or "it makes them at least twice as hot." I walked around with my friends simply boy watching between the races (I do go to an all girl's school okay?).  I even found some preppy boys in chacos! (I just didn't have the nerve to approach them...) So what did we like seeing?

Anything from the VV Derby Collection (My friend and I got high fives for knowing the drink, designer, and collection of this example)
I'm a sucker for seersucker. Or printed/embroidered pants. Just stick to one loud item and coordinate from there.

It is important to be dressed properly including sun protection... and something to help block the excessive brightness of all the beauutiful preppy girls that surround you.

You can't go wrong with Ray Bans.... attach them to a croakie so if a girl really catches your eye you can work on catching her's. 

I will try to recap on the girl's fashion later but I was slightlyyyyy distracted by all the perfectly preppily put together gentleman.

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