Wednesday, February 8, 2012

5 Things

I love London. Much more to come soon, but here are 5 things I have already learned (intermixed with some photos :)).

5. Black tea sounds like black coffee when you have a foreign accent. #fail.

4. Don't go against the flow of traffic in the tube station. Nasty glares will ensue.

3. When crossing the street, ensure you are on the side farthest away from oncoming traffic, just to be on the safe side!

2. You should eat everything with a fork and knife to be polite, but no need to switch your fork. Have to say that I will eat everything with a fork and knife, but I'm not risking getting into the habit of switching forks (if I do my mother will send me to the garage to eat with the dogs when I come back!).

1. You have to flag down the waitress to get your bill. I think I need to get better at flagging or just start making my estimates for lunch 15 minutes longer!


  1. Such a quick study. The "quid" got me for a couple weeks!

  2. your pictures are great...snow in london?!