Sunday, February 5, 2012


I am here! In beautiful snowy London! We had to circle Heathrow for a while before we landed but it was absolutely picturesque when we could see the sunrise over the clouds!

When I got in, the cab driver had the wrong address. He very much wanted me to get out of the cab on this little residential street. Luckily I was brave enough to stick to my guns and so he charged me an arm and a leg and hates me but luckily the odds are against me ever running into him again!

I am currently at the british version of Panera, and eating dark chocolate spread on organic wheat bread because I honestly didn't know what anything else on the menu was... It's a good thing I came to London, turns out I don't know English as well as I thought!

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  1. Adjusting to the English over there is difficult. Looks like you are doing famously already!