Monday, September 12, 2011

Does a "smart phone" make me smarter?

The other day was a really big deal in my little life.  I finally got an iphone! Now I felt pretty behind the loop when it came to technology, but my parents told me I really didn't need to be able to email where ever I was and facebook was a treat not a necessity. And honestly I just couldn't argue with them. But over the summer I spent lots of time traveling (and living) in places with no internet access and missing school and work correspondences.

So when my mom called me and asked if I wanted a bike... I said no, I just wanted an iPhone and ta da!!!

So after getting my iPhone the first thing I did was go get a Lilly cover for it (navy bloomers, if anyone is interested) and it has been glued to my hand ever since. (On a side note I really like this cover, its not hard but not gelly or sticky either, and it still fits in my pocket!)

So far I am loving Whatsapp, Instagram, and of course Twitter!


What apps can you not live without?

xoxo, M

1 comment:

  1. you are going to become OBSESSED. My blackberry is literally in my hand at all times.

    Im waiting for the new iphone to come out to switch back