Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You Can't Wash Away Style

When it is rainy and cold outside it is easy to revert to hoodies with sweatpants tucked into rainboots, but if it rains for a week straight that is just no fun! 

I am taking a class at a nearby college that is co-ed and so I'm finding that I actually want to make an effort! Even if it is raining! And for the record I don't just get dressed because there are boys, I mean.... well, okay maybe that is a minor part of my reasoning. But seriously... just minor.

So here are my ideas for a style that can't be washed away! 

Hunters... No explanation needed
Dubarry's! Actually riding boots
 but they are so beautiful, I wear
mine all the time!
I could never choose between Hunter's and Dubarry's! They are both very versatile but I get tons of use out of them both. 

I normally go for the dark well fitting jeans... you don't want bunching in your boots, and the lighter the fabric the faster they will dry during class! There are many things in life worse than soggy pants, but I am not ready to put it up there on things I enjoy either.

Today, I went for the long sleeve t-shirt. Simple, fits well under a rain coat, but still looks neat and tidy!
J. Crew has some of the best in the business...

A color like this will brighten up your
day and your space :)
A scarf will make your outfit a little more polished while still working for indoor and outdoors!
The obvious choice is Lilly. #wishlist

A quality raincoat is a must in the south! In the west, the temperature drops suddenly when it rains and so a heavy waterproof coat will do just fine... however here in the south you can be getting rained on and sweating at the same time so weight is a very important consideration.

I'm a North Face girl. I have
this one.. "octopus blue"

But I really like this Mountain Hardware One!

And now we only need one thing to finish up our look....

This is my FAVORITE umbrella that
I picked up randomly at Gap one day.
Brightened my day today thats for sure!

How do you keep feeling cute in the rain? I would love some advice since we are currently in a flood watch...

xoxo, M

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  1. i cant believe its been raining for the first week of classes...seriously messing up my outfits haha. My Bean Boots are coming in handy though!