Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Deep Breath

Last week I was really unhappy. I hated my job, my spare time, and how lonely and ostracized I felt alllll the time here. I made calls about other jobs, working student jobs actually. My favorite fall back is to go back to the horses even though they really haven't worked out for me lately. I was sad about the idea of leaving Hilton Head but I felt like my summer was a waste. Sure beaches, warm nights, and living in a resort town sounds amazing, but its very hard when you feel like you don't have anyone to enjoy it with.

So my parents came into town and while my Mom was a teensy bit more understanding, because of my bad attitude I was in for a lot of those really-fun-roll-my-eyes-crying-mess-life-talks. But at some point during the weekend I decided to stop being defensive and try listening to what my parents were saying. I've never been the kid to get a lot of "life-talks" so it was hard!

What we decided as a family was that I needed to re-prioritize my life, learn to be happy by myself, find a way to challenge myself intellectually, and find more things to do. So step #1. Get a job! I don't want to go out and party in the evenings? My parents adore that, but it gets really lonely. I didn't want to waitress so after some careful thinking I applied to a Lilly and Vineyard vines store. And I got the job today! Its something I know about, I will be surrounded by fun, new people, and between my paycheck and the discounts I am so set to have the best back to school wardrobe ever! (Can I just say I am really really looking forward to fall at school!!!)

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