Sunday, July 10, 2011

Put a Hat on It

I have always loved big, beautiful hats! I always watched the derby with my family, and admired the hats. I wondered though if people wore hats anywhere else because I sure saw no hats like that at home.

So before foxfields this year I seriously debated getting a hat. Unfortunately, I have a very small head, and so the vineyard vines didn't fit me and I looked a bit like the little girl playing dress up and swore off hats all together.

But while my family was here, my mom convinced me to try some on and to my surprise I loved them, when they fit I actually really love how I look in them! Turns out my grandmother was a hat model in Savannah and New York, so I guess I have her to thank.

Hats are great for the beach, tailgates, and any outdoor activity! Perfect way to control your hair in the outdoors and prevent sun-damage on your pretty faces!

These are my favorites from Marley Lilly!

Wish my head was big enough for this one from Vineyard Vines

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