Monday, July 11, 2011



In high school, I went to extreme efforts of collage-ing and modge-podge-ing my planners. They were probably the best-looking and least used planners in the school (by my very unbiased opinion). I loved the concept of having a planner but somehow I never got around to really using it consistently.

Last year, my sophomore year of college, was CRAZY busy! I had days where I had to pick and choose what I was actually going to do off my to-do lists because there was just too much. Full of phone numbers, addresses, assignments, meeting with professors, and even some notes about Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy (Hey, we all need study breaks Mom!).

Right now I’m in the awkward-summer-between-planner-stage, its like they think we students don’t need planners in the summer!

So the nerd in me is already looking at which planner I should get for the fall! Here are some of the ones I am considering…

And you can personalize how you want the inside!
So cool!

How do you stay organized? Do you have a planner you love?


  1. I have this one in tan!

    There are so many different colors and you can get it monogrammed! Also, the planner itself lasts forever! You just have to buy new inserts ever year.

  2. i use a moleskine...which i have to get a new one come start of the semester.

    i love the jonathan adler one because i love everything he does :)

  3. Mmm so many more options! I'm never going to be able to decide! Thanks :) xoxo