Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Dorm Room Diet

My family is full of readers.... I mean yesterday we went to take a few minutes to poke around Barnes and Noble because we had some extra time and it was air conditioned. I walked out with 4 new books and I have no idea how many the rest of my family got! My mom is my very very best friend... she knows everything! So she knows how much I have been struggling to find a healthy relationship with food. So yesterday she got me .....

I started it yesterday about 4 pm... and was done by 9 am... and it was the 4th of July.

I loved it! It was a book filled with quality information about nutrition and the mentality around eating. It was presented in a fun, easy to understand, and relatable way. I honestly already feel myself thinking differently about food. I cannot believe the impact it has made on me already and I'm excited to continue towards the path to a healthy lifestyle.

I highly recommend this book to everyone! In high school, college, or post-college!

Has anyone else read it?

xoxo, M


  1. Good recommendation. I love books that help you learn a healthy living style. xox

  2. Do you have any suggestions of other books? I would love to read some more! xoxo

  3. ive heard about this book...infact Daph works out at Soulcycle where I go. I havent ran into her yet, but my friend does all the time.

    we must discuss what you learned about food because me and food have a horrible relationship right now!

  4. Feel free to email me if you want to talk about it anymore! :)