Thursday, April 21, 2011

3 Things

I feel like I have been giving an unfair impression of my home. It is truly a spectacular place that (most of the time) puts the postcards to shame.  So after spending almost 2 years "abroad," for lack of a better term, I want to share with you the three things I miss the most.

1. City Brew Coffee: I thought the idea of coffee, or anything coming out of a coffee shop, repulsive until high school. A good friend of mine got me hooked on caramel mocha frappuchinos. Once I got over the embarrassment of being one of those people whose drink orders took longer to say than to make, it became a habit. Now City Brew Coffee is a local coffee company with kiosks and cafes around the area. Their coffee is the best (okay... their frappuchinos are the best?) and my parents are now accustomed to scheduling extra time for city brew breaks when I am home because I cannot stand passing them by. In fact, after returning from my trips home I cannot bring myself to go to Starbucks or any other coffee place for weeks.
2. Chacos: In high school, these were one of the few things that I actually begged to have that were considered cool. These sandals are fun, comfortable, and make some foot tans that are brag-worthy. The first time I wore them down here, a good friend of mine asked what was up with the grandma sandals. Several months later though she was choking down on her words. I also initiated two conversations in the last week with strangers about the chacos they were wearing, and one was even a frat boy! She had started working in a shoe store and had tried them on only to fall in love. In fact she was lamenting the fact that she only owned one pair. Back home, an acceptable profile picture is of you and your best friends chacos. In fact, if you love your chacos all the way through the sole... you can get them resoled! Chacos have such a cult following that wearers are called chaconians.  I have yet to find a southern version of such comfy and tough sandals.
(this is not me... although I hope I could stand up against this competition after this summer!)

3. Skiing: While this is more of an activity, than a thing, I miss it dearly. While the people here rave about their nearby ski resorts, I just cannot get excited about gearing up in rental skis and swishing my way down fake snow covered mounds. Sorry, I'm a mountain snob.
 My Mountain! The end of a long day....
My beloved K2 Skis in the middle

So here's to the wonderful things I left behind, all in search of my inner-prep.

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