Thursday, April 21, 2011

The British Do It Best.

What girl doesn’t dream about becoming a princess and being swept off to England to live in a castle among the history. Well since Prince William is pretty much taken (there is only a week left girls… lets prepare ourselves), we may start having to look elsewhere. I know I wouldn’t mind being a lady at this house….
Welcome to Badminton House, and this is where badminton was invented! Wow, okay well in my book, that is not its biggest claim to fame. Another fun fact about me, I am a life long eventer. While I may like the color pink and ruffles, if you are going to ride, you have to really ride! Eventing is the triathlon of the horse sports, and Badminton is home to the “most important horse event in Britain” and sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors. The horses and riders are as good as they get and the shopping isn’t too bad either. I was lucky enough to attend several years ago, and I pout every year that I am not back there.

As it is this weekend, I will be glued to my computer in the wee hours of the morning listening to Badminton Radio and refreshing Eventing Nation.  I suppose the rainy east coast weather will help me get into an appropriate British mood?

Looks like I will be spending my weekend wearing my dubarry’s! These are my favorite boots (plus my hunter’s are still currently caked in crawfish frat sludge… whoops!).  These boots are waterproof (yay gortex), hardy (they are made for the barn), and stylish…

Dubary of Ireland makes these boots, beautiful tweed skirts (next on my wish list) as well as a whole line of boat shoes!  Wishing you nothing but the British best.