Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How do you define Classy?

Classy :  
    a : elegantstylish <a classy clientele>
b : having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior <a classy guy> <a classy gesture>c : admirably skillful and graceful <a classy outfielder>

I just got back from one of the best parts of the spring semester at my school. The athletics banquet is put on for all of the student athletes and coaches and is a nice way to wrap up the year and hear about what the other teams have done! I am part of the golf team, and our coach kept his speech nice and short. In esseencse he wanted two things from us as a team this year. 1. To be competitive. 2. To be classy. It has become a joke on the team because he talks almost as much about being classy as he does golf! Looking around the room, I could tell that there were somethings my coach, and any good southern lady, would find not classy.

1. Flip Flops do not count as dress shoes.

 Jack Rogers do!

2. Underwear is meant to go under your clothes. This includes bra-straps. Enough said!

3. I know its fun to dress up but keep in mind we go to an all girls school. The only boys there will be the coaches... and you are making them uncomfortable. Two other ways to double check your outfit choice? 1. Does it leave somethings to the imagination? 2. Would you wear it in front of your grandmother? If you did not answer yes to both of these, then hang it back up in your closet.
Perfectly Acceptable and Adorable

I am lucky to go to a school that has many classy girls, but we can never hear these things enough! And for one more thing I love about the south... you can actually go into stores and buy cute, appropriate, and  CLASSY clothes for any activity :). XX

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