Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Beginning

I was born in the true wild west. We took field trips to the oregon trail, owned realistic tipis, and rode our pony to preschool. Oceans were something that most of the kids my age had never seen, in fact many of them had never been outside of the state. We didn't have snow days because then half the school year would be canceled and in fact halloween costumes were planned to fit over snowsuits. We learned about wilderness survival and which wild animals we could outrun.
I am lucky enough to have family spread across the country and parents that love to travel, and from a young age I loved being with my grandmothers, both of whom came from the south. They had a relaxed drawls and loved magnolias. When I started to dress myself, I found I was most comfortable in khakis and sweater sets or 3/4 length tees... not the normal attire for girls my age. I tried to fit in, wearing colored cruel girl jeans and tie-dye t-shirts or plaid button downs. In high school, when wearing the right brand name clothes was a bigger deal than your homework assignment, I struggled with the "trendy teen style." Let's just say that Hollister was a big deal, since there wasn't an actual store in our state and it meant you either ordered online or left the state to shop.
For high school graduation my mom got my two sets of pearls, one a bag of fake pearls to glue to my graduation cap for the ceremony, and a set of real pearls to start my journey to find my inner pearl girl. 10 days after crossing the stage, I packed up the rest of my belongings and moved to the east coast. I spent my summer north of Baltimore before moving south to attend a small, yet prestigious school. I quickly fell in love with the culture, fashion, and attitude of the south. So here is my story, to finding my inner prep or die trying, to blending the west and east.

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