Friday, April 22, 2011

Go Green (and Pink)


Back home the go green mantra was pushed by true hippies (identifiable by their dreadlocks, tie-dyed t-shirts, and slacklining on the weekend), we have open space and we appreciate it. I am an environmental studies major and love the earth, but I am not exactly that "earthy tree hugger" kind of person (although I did get to help install solar panels at my school yesterday, I geeked out a little bit). I find that we can make choices that our good for our planet, good for us, and good for our style. On another note, the message to go green is easier heard from your own kind of people and can help it seem less drastic. So lets all push for a little more green in our green and pink.

Things I've done recently (they are so easy, I forget that I've done them)

1. Switched Shampoo: I needed a new shampoo, so when I was in the nearby cvs wandering these caught my eye. The garnier fructis pure clean shampoo is at least 92% biodegradable, which means that the toxins are not going to linger around in the water and soil long after our hair has lost its freshly washed appearance. It also contains super fruit antioxidants, so you don't have to worry about your sacrificing your hair's health for the planets health. Its a win win! It contains no silicons, parabans, or dyes. My curls are practically jumping for joy at these lightweight products. And one last plug that packaging is 50% recycled and can be recycled again!

2. Kick the Habit... of plastic water bottles that is: Last December I made the decision to wean myself from soda for so many reasons. I learned to listen to my body and found that I was craving water all the time! This required me to have water on hand or buy a plastic bottle. These bottles are one of my pet peeves, they take oil to produce and ship, sit in landfills, and I am rather opposed to paying for something that I can get for free. This means that I need a collection of water bottles at the ready (especially since I have a bad habit of leaving them behind). I am partial to the camelbaks and my favorite was covered in horse stickers (if anyone sees it let me know!).

 But I'm glad to see that my good friend Lilly is pro-water bottle!

3. Write more: One of my fellow environmental studies majors found these papermate pens at an office store and lent me one. It is biodegradable and so nice to write with! I may be borrowing hers permenantly... whoops!

4. Wash it till its clean GREEN!: Laundry is a huge hassle in my life. And as a college student, I try to cut corners where I can for my bank account's sake and more often than not those take place when it comes to buying laundry detergent. However seventh generation has quality detergent with a responsible business ethic when it comes to the environment. And now this biodegradable detergent comes in a compostable bottle. :).  Now when your clothes smell clean... they will actually be clean, green clean.

So cheers to being preppy, and to being true fan of GREEN and pink.

Ps. I couldn't resist this holiday spirit! Be sure to check out how vineyard vines is supporting many important causes, including the Loggerhead Marine Life Center.

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