Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Binge is Boggling

I am sitting here at work. It is a peaceful night and I have to take advantage of any free wi-fi I get these days since I don't have any in my apartment. Just to set the stage... I am sitting overlooking the marina, the delicious smells from the salty dog are wafting my way (I need to pack a bigger lunch tomorrow), and "here comes the sun" is being sung by a man with a guitar.

Does it get any better than this?

I tend to think that this is pretty much the life.

But why do kids my age think binge drinking makes everything more enjoyable? I get the concept of sitting down to enjoy a cold beer with dinner. Or sitting at the bar with friends enjoying a drink. The key part of the statement is that 'drink' is singular. I am not against alcohol or "having-a-good-time" but I just wish that it wasn't the focus of my peers.

So here is a couple reasons to drink sensibly...

1. No one looks cute trashed. Just think about that word. Sound attractive? You sweat of all your make-up, say things you wouldn't normally say, have trouble with the most basic of motor functions (walking anyone), and may just end up covered in vomit. Is that really how you want to present yourself in public? You put so much effort into your look for that night.. why not maintain it all night long?

Cute summer dresses should only be worn when you are acting cute!

Love this one from VV

2. Believe it or not... alcohol is not necessary to enjoy other activities. Putt-putting sober is just as much fun as putt-putting drunk... and your score will be way better if you are sober. A gathering on the beach at night? How could anything better the splendor of the stars, sand, and waves? And you would probably be able to enjoy a fun night after a fun day of fishing... if you didn't drink and dehydrate your body in the hot sun all day. In fact... think of how many more activities you could enjoy if you weren't crippled with a headache the next morning...

take note this is sunrise..... not sunset.

3. Calories girls! We live in a society where we are expected to look like airbrushed supermodels all the time. Girls my age go on extreme diets and carefully count calories to avoid the college bulge. Even if you drink light beer that is more than 100 calories a drink, not terrible if you have just ONE. This combined with the fact that your body processes a drink like a fat... well lets just say it takes the mystery out of the "beer belly." But have 5 beers, and you could have gone to coldstone which is a whole lot better tasting in my opinon.


4. Poor, starving, college kid? It is estimated that in the US 5.5 billion dollars is spent on alcohol by college kids every year. Another source says that college aged kids spend about $900 during the school year on alcohol. Just think about how many Lilly Pulitzer dresses you could buy for that!

5. Its not good for your relationships. Face it, everyone's jokes get a little bit funnier after one drink. But after that, we start saying things we don't mean (or at least would never say sober), some people lose their sense of humor, and lapses in judgement can even cause friendships and relationships to end. Face it, if your friends pressure you to drink you might ask yourself why they don't love you just the way you are, sober, and question why you are really such good friends. If you find yourself hanging out with a group that all they do is drink, you might ask yourself if you would hang out with them if drinking isn't involved. If you don't think so... maybe you need to find some new friends who can enjoy real life experiences (that you will remember the next day) with.

So cheers to being able to enjoy a drink with friends, but being responsible enough to enjoy it in a way that is not detrimental to your health, your bank account, your personal relationships and your personal saftey.


How do you deal with it? Have you had any bad experiences? Do you agree with me?
xoxo, M


  1. oh my goodness. You seriously read my mind on this post. I was just telling my friend who blogs also (Preppy Wife Preppy life) that I can't believe how some of our friends will go out a few nights a week and spend $200 on alcohol. I would much rather have a few lilly's in my closet to show for my money! so funny.


  2. I am so grateful to hear that someone else feels the same way as me! It can be very frustrating. I always remind my mom that I could spend my money on much worse things than Lilly ;). xoxo

  3. Haha laughing at little miss southern love! She told me about your blog! Seriously I would way rather buy lilly dresses than booze! haha I look forward to following you! (:

  4. Thank you! Little miss southern love told me about yours and I spent yesterday afternoon reading yours, congratulations on your engagement! He did so well :)! xoxo

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