Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pack Your Bags!

Where are you spending the majority of your summer?

Summer is the epitome of prep in my opinion, you can wear the dresses without the sweaters, sunglasses and croakies are to be worn at all times, and the mood is light and fun times abound. I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the preppiest places to spend the summer. We are just planning ahead right? ;)

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Home to the Kennedy's summer home, how could it not be on the list? With a small town feel and a large beach front, it attracts a lot of tourism in the summer. The ocean moderates the temperature keeping it from getting as hot as some places off the coast. It is a very historical area of our great country, and was even the landing place of the pilgrims. Still home to many weathy full-time or part time residents, this is a place where you and your seersucker will fit right in. 

The Golden Isles of Georgia (St. Simons, Jekyll Island, Sea Island, and Little St. Simon's Island)

 Starting around the civil war, these islands along the coast of Georgia have become a destination for the extremely wealthy. In fact the average family home on Sea Island sells for $3.4 million. The entire Jekyll Island was purchased in 1886 for $125,000 (a large sum at the time) by a group of upscale men looking for a peaceful and healthy place to vacation. Some of the families who owned homes (and yachts) on the island were families such as the Vanderbilt's, Morgan's, Rockefeller's, Goodyear's, Field's, and Tiffany's. It functioned as an invitation only island for almost 60 years and now is home to a lot of historical sites, natural parks, and other vacationing amenities.

Wharf on Jekyll Island

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

With 12 miles of beach, and a population that quadruples in the summer, it is a fun place to be. (I can attest to this.) This boom allows a small community to boast things such as Broadway quality plays, the largest annual, outdoor wine tasting even on the east coast, and the Heritage Golf Classic. They have done a great job of protecting the valuable nature and space they have left on the island, so you won't run into that over crowded feeling. With plenty to do for all ages, be sure to pack all your best prep outfits. 

Cannot WAIT for the 4th!

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