Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Family Affair

So a large portion of my internship involves sitting at the desk and watching families meander around South Beach Marina, and there are A LOT of families. Especially at night since The Salty Dog Cafe is such a huge tourist attraction.

In the evenings one of the things I do the most is take pictures for families so their whole family can be in the picture. Growing up I never understood why my mother would dress my sisters and I so alike... but after taking pictures I understand. (I still think part of the reason is that people would be able to identify what family we belonged to if we got lost!). So since I do so much creepy staring at adorable preppy families I can't help but think about what my little-future-perfect-family will wear. Okay okay I know I'm being ridiculous but neither a wedding or family vacations are anywhere close to appearing on my calendar. 

What would you/ do you take your kids out in?

xoxo, M

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