Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Call Me a Bag Lady

So I have never really spent a summer on the beach....

10 days here and there with my family absolutely but I'm still reveling in my ability to go take a nap on the beach after I get off work! I find that the proper beach bag is essential to enjoying a trip to the beach. I mean as a girl I am not that great at packing, and you never know which sunscreen you are going to want when you get there!

Mine! Lilly $10.95

The pockets make this Scout one handy!
Scout $44.00

Red and Blue are perfect for the beach,
 but it comes in so many other colors! 
Scout $35.00

Of course you can't go wrong with monograms!
L.L. Bean starting at $17.95
And it wouldn't be my blog without some Vineyard Vines...
there are just so many ribbons to choose from!
VV $95.00
I like this men's one too... and there is also a beach duffle to check out!
VV $89.50
Tipsy Skipper Anyone? They might take the cake for the best prints! $90.00
What do you carry to the beach?!

xoxo, M

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  1. All so cute! If I went to the beach, I would totes need one of these totes ;) hehehe. I'm eyeing the tipsy skippers. So adorable!