Saturday, June 18, 2011

The True Cost of Prep

Love this....

I love being preppy. I understand that there is a stereotype: being preppy comes from a lifestyle filled with leisure and trust funds. I have been very lucky in my life, but my parents never let me forget that I am lucky and that I need to work hard for the things I want. It is easy to be put off by the preppy style if you feel like you can't afford it.  It is important to remember a little bit about where the style comes from and one of the biggest reasons I am such a fan.

Prep never goes out of style. Yes, color hues and patterns will come and go by the season but the classic cuts and quality of the clothes will never be out of style. You can spend your money buying something trendy that you wear a couple of times one summer, or you can invest in a great vineyard vines dress you can wear a couple of times multiple summers. The philosophy of prep is making good investments.  When your closet is so classy and balanced, you can mix and match and will never be not dressed to perfection.
Yes... that is Lilly! Where can I get this one?

Fun old Lilly

I would totally wear one of these!

I will be the first to admit that many of the popular prep staples have high initial costs, and many preppy people can buy Lilly in every print and style they desire.

 That should not deter you from pursuing and enjoying the style. In the book True Prep by Lisa Birnbach, she confides that you should be frugal where you can (like never flying first class) and splurge instead on a nicer hotel or something that is truly going to impact your experience at home or traveling. 

Chris Hogan phrased it nicely in his blog (I highly recommend reading the rest of it here), "Yes, it started mostly at New England prep schools and ivy walled colleges. But the roots of preppy style can also be traced to a focus on social achievement, uniformity of style, propriety, proper decorum and class distinction. Conformity of dress at school resulted in the basic uniform of coat, tie, button down shirt, grey flannels or chinos and loafers or lace ups. Codes, traditions and sports also helped to nurture a bond and familiarity among budding preps and instilled in them a feeling of belonging."

I am materialistic. I will be the first to admit it as one of my major flaws. That being said, I am a huge bargain hunter and will always try to get the best that I can for the least amount of money. You don't wear your clothes with the price tag still on, so there is nothing to be ashamed of! I will be sharing tips sporadically to help everyone make the most of there money while embracing the prep. The thing that is much more important to me than where you bought your Lilly and if you paid full price or not, is how you conduct yourself. Being preppy is much more than how you dress yourself, it speaks to your character, interests, morals, and values. Don't be afraid to join the prepsters, just stay classy on the inside and the outside and you will fit in just fine.

Just look at all these classy people :)

xoxo, M

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