Monday, June 27, 2011

The Cooler Craze

So a fun tradition I just recently learned about is the cooler painting tradition. This is one of these times when I truly appreciate that I have not just moved geographically, but I have entered a culture in of itself complete with a checklist of traditions to be observed and enjoyed. Something that fascinates me is the southern belle and beau interaction. Generous boys spoiling girls with their time, money, and adoration, and the girls returning the favor with handmade gifts, and their precious time, presence, and love. I have to admit the first time I learned anything about the painted coolers was when a boy I "talked" (def: dating but not labeled) to posted pictures of one he received this summer on facebook.

I don't know how I missed them before... but I am now obsessed. I am going to paint one for myself (for practice of course) but I'm making myself finish my dads belt first!

This has not stopped me from collecting ideas however.... These are some amazing ones I have seen.

Personal favorite!!! Y'all should follow @PotsAndPearls
on twitter! She's fantastic!

Check out this page on facebook for about million other ideas!

Have any of you painted coolers? I would LOVE to see yours or hear ideas for mine :)

xoxo,  M


  1. i love this idea...have never seen it before! This will be perfect for you on the jersey shore :)

    stop by the blog if you get a chance!

  2. These are all sooo cute I really want to make a cooler! I love the small personal one so I might have to do one like that soon :)


  3. I would love love to see pictures if you make one :) Good luck! xoxo