Saturday, June 25, 2011


I currently own more swimsuits than I ever have before. This is probably due to the fact that I live at the beach... but thats besides the point!

These are what I'm wearing (and what I wish I was wearing!)

This was my big splurge on my spring break shopping adventures!
I love the ladybugs hidden in the pattern :)

I found this at my TJ Maxx! Such a good find.
It looks super cute with a black bandeau top as well!

I have this in orange, which makes me look really tan
but I love this raspberry color!

This makes tanning so much easier and
safer with that removable strap! No more
worries about having to move quickly!

Now what I would like to add to my collection... VV of course!

Polo seersucker? No explanation needed....
What are you wearing to the beach? What do you wish you were wearing to the beach?

xoxo, M


  1. i love the lilly one and the seersucker is amazing of course! I own every print of men's lilly capri trunks...dont feel bad that you have so many! haha

  2. Haha you have such good taste! I hope you are getting to use them :) Thanks for following!

  3. Just got the top Lilly bathing suit! I love it! Where did you find the polo one on the bottom? I must have that one!!


  4. This is where I found it You will have to let me know how you like it if you get it! I want it so badly! Thanks for reading xoxo