Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pardon Me!

My parents are flying in this evening! They have not been to Hilton Head and I can't wait to show it off. I am really falling for the island. I am very lonely and wish some of my awesome #twitfam (please follow/ tweet at me! @PrepOrBust :)) was actually here to help me enjoy it but the beach just never gets old!

That beings said... I am going to put my computer away and make the most out of my family's trip so forgive me for not posting over the long weekend. I thought I'd leave you with some silly facts about me...

The Fast Five

1. I love being called by my first and middle name. In fact my parents intended me to be called by both but somehow it rarely happens.

2. I am very very rarely spontaneous. Most of the time, I plan things carefully so they appear spontaneous.

3. I regularly delete friends from facebook. Lets ‘face’ it, we were never really friends and I’m tired of your stupid status updates. “Oh, you want to be my friend now? You didn’t even acknowledge me in high school, why would I let you stalk my life now?”

4. Horses have always been my true love. I have had several boys brave enough to ask me if they came before the horses. The answer never really went over well…

5. A lot of the time I think I am prettier in a sweatshirt with no make up and a ponytail then when I am all dressed up.

What are your plans for the weekend before the 4th?! I would love to hear them! Anyone get the lilly firework pattern? I adore it.... and plan on taking my parents to the Lilly Store here.

xoxo, M

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  1. heading to the shore this weekend! :) number 3 is sooo true.

    have an amaze time