Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Its a big week for my dad... his birthday and fathers day! And sadly I don't get to celebrate with him on either occasion. (I wish there was a more convenient way to get from the east coast to the west!)

I love to bake and used to do cake decorating in 4-H (Laugh all you want...) so its a family tradition that I make cakes for everyones birthday! I set the bar high for myself when I made my little sisters birthday cake complete with an igloo, marbeled fondant, and sculpted polar bears. I wish I could do one for my daddy, but I thought the best I could do was look for ideas for his cake (to be made a later date) and get his card in the mail.

He is a pilot so he would love this one and
it doesn't even look too hard!

I thought this one was super cute.
And realistic

then I remembered how much I love cupcakes....

And then I got thinking about what flavor of cake my dad would want...
 and I decided on eggnog. I wouldn't be tempted to eat them and he would love them

If only, if only I was home!

Love you Daddy.


  1. Oh my goodness. I'M OBSESSED WITH EGGNOG. Send me some once you make them? :)